A little about me.


Hey, how are you doing ,

Well I’m Christopher T Spears,

I came from a broken home and wasn’t doing well in school, I went through a lot of strife, had a father who was barely there, I was working fast food for a 3¬†years and realized I could do better for myself and I can do more for my family. It was time I took a risk on myself, and when I¬†started to believe in myself then thats when things started to change. This lifestyle has changed my view on the world. In 2014 I have been on 7 vacations, and I’m just getting started.

For me, WV system is a financial lifeline that is changing every aspect of my life for the better. And I can teach anyone how to do exactly what I do. The system is remarkably simple. You don’t need any special ability or education and you don’t need to be a technical wizard. YOU can do this!

If you’re serious about leveraging your time to build a better life, this just may be a perfect fit for part time income or even your new plan ‘A’. You take a step, I’ll take two. Working together, absolutely anything is possible. Let’s go do it!

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